Coders at Work

Aus Franky
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Dieser Eintrag ist unfertig. Komm lieber später nochmal vorbei.

I've been reading the book Coders at Work these days and it is a pleasure to read it. The book consists of a series interviews with famous programmers of our time. Among them are Ken Thompson, Guy Steele up to Donald Knuth.

I have some opinions about programming and it is very nice to have my beliefs shared by the gurus.[1]

With Simon Peyton Jones talking so much about Haskell, I gave it a try. I wrote about my experience with Haskell in the Haskell article.

Peter Norvig states that it is important to just get a quick understanding of what you need instead of understanding something completely. (nowadays)

When asked about UML, ??? states that it is a system that even puts different meaning whether boxes have pointy or round corners. Before I found that in the book, that was exactly what I recently said in my education to a 'superior'. He was not amused.


  1. My Beliefs shared by the gurus is of course partly due to selective perception.